Proposal documents and resources

We will ask to see some documents as part of your proposal. These are explained below alongside links to some useful resources for planning your proposal.


Proposal documents

For two stage processes, we don’t ask for any documents as part of the concept note, so please don’t provide them as we will not be able to review them. For single stage proposals or a full proposal through a two stage process, we’ll ask you to provide:

  • Your constitution/memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Your most recent accounts
  • Project budget. You must provide this in one of our financial templates, below. Proposals not submitted using the correct template will not be considered:
  • Most recent set of management accounts
  • Business case or market analysis (if your proposal is using an enterprise approach)
  • Evaluation or latest report (if project has been funded previously)
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning plan (depending on the initiative)

If you are working with partners we will also ask you to provide:

For international grant proposals we also require the following for each of your partners:

Depending on the initiative, we may also ask for an organisational development plan for your organisation. We will confirm whether this is required as part of the initiative’s guidance.

If your organisation is not based in the UK we will ask you to provide:

  • Registration documents
  • Evidence of trustees e.g. board meeting minutes
  • Evidence of accountant qualifications



You may find the following resource useful when planning your proposal:


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