#thisstuffworks: Alice's story

Alice's story

“I met my husband Ron when I was 16 and he died in 1994. I’d gotten used to losing him but since I’ve had dementia I wake up in the morning and think he’s still around. After a few minutes I remember he’s dead and every time it’s like a smack in the face.

"The project completely changed my outlook on dementia. I realised that what seemed like the end of my life was actually just a new beginning.”

Alice, 80, EDUCATE Stockport/DEEP Innovations in Dementia CIC


About the project

DEEP Innovations in Dementia uses cash raised through Sport Relief to give people with dementia a voice. It helps people to connect with and support each other, both locally and nationally, so their views and experiences can help to shape the services and policies which affect them. The project supports and links up 50 groups in the UK, including EDUCATE Stockport, where people living with dementia discuss managing the difficulties the condition can cause and inspire others to live well with dementia.

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