An open letter to grantees

When I arrived at Comic Relief earlier in the summer, one of the things I was immediately struck by was the amazing breadth and quality of work that we have funded over the years, and the extraordinary dedication and creativity of the organisations that Comic Relief supports.

It is only thanks to these organisations that the money we raise by the public is working hard every single day of the year to help people improve their lives, tackle injustice and break out of poverty. Without our grantees we would not be able to achieve our goals, or inspire people to support our campaigns. On behalf of everyone at Comic Relief, I’d like to thank all our grantees – past and present – for helping us work towards our vision of a just world free from poverty. This has always been a deliberately ambitious goal and one that can only be possible in partnership.

I want to highlight some of the new funding streams that have opened recently, or which will be on line in the near future – each of these has been designed to deliver real change in key areas that reflect Comic Relief’s vision.

The following initiatives are currently open:

Thriving not surviving: Young men and mental health
Research shows that young men with mental health problems can find it more difficult to access the support they need. Comic Relief wants to invest in services that take a ‘male positive’ approach to ensure the needs of young men are met. This initiative aims to support proposals that deliver specialised mental health provision that put the needs of young men at the heart of their work.

Core Strength: Local Communities
Our small grants programme, run through the UK Community Foundation which helps smaller organisations in their local communities, remains open year round

Looking slightly further ahead, we are also planning an initiative focusing on tackling violence against women and girls, in collaboration with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) using funds raised through the Tampon Tax. And in early 2018 we will launch a new initiative in the UK and International using sport to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people.

We want to be able to fund the best possible projects so are keen to receive applications from any organisations that are running inspiring or ground breaking projects in these areas. You can find more information on these initiatives and other programmes that are already open here.

Finally, I want to pay tribute to all the amazing work you all deliver, right across the globe, every day of the year. It’s that work – and the way it enables people experiencing unimaginable hardship and challenges to turn their own lives around – that remains at the heart of what Comic Relief will always be.

Thank you.

Ruth Ruderham
Grants Director
Comic Relief