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For each and every campaign – right from the very first Red Nose Day back in 1988 – we’ve relied on the incredible support BT provides. From telephony infrastructure and the call centres themselves, to network management and thousands of hours of staff time to answer calls on the night, BT are the backbone of every telethon we’ve ever done.

As if that wasn’t enough, BT is always finding ways to give extra support to Comic Relief. For example, they helped us launch Red Nose Day 2003 by lighting the BT Tower red while millions watched live on TV and they also made Lenny Henry the first ever comic voice of the Speaking Clock.

They’ve also taken on the mantle of sponsoring our big celebrity challenges which have, collectively, to date, raised the astonishing figure of over £2.7 million! Plus, we’re delighted to be one of BT’s main charity partners, as part of their Better Futures programme, meaning there’s so much to look forward to from our partnership. We really couldn’t ask for any more from BT – they’re brilliant.

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