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TK Maxx has been an official Comic Relief partner since 2005 – and they’ve certainly packed an incredible amount into that time, having raised an impressive £13.4 million to date.

Our partnership really came into its own for Red Nose Day 2013, when TK Maxx raised over £3.7 million for Comic Relief. While the bulk of this came from selling more than 315,000 Stella McCartney T-shirts, the brilliant TK Maxx staff also did their bit, raising a spectacular £500,000 through fantastic fundraising feats and by collecting a staggering £878,000 in donations at their tills.

TK Maxx also joined up with Emma Bridgewater to design and produce some lovely limited-edition Red Nose Day 2013 mugs and bakeware which sold like hot cakes.

We’re really proud to have such a committed and dedicated partner as TK Maxx, and we know that together we can achieve great things.

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