The Balsam Centre

Project Name

Like Minds

Beneficiary Country

United Kingdom

Funding theme

Global mental health

Start Date

February 7th 2017

Amount Awarded


End Date

February 1st 2020

The Balsam Centre has been supporting the local community in South Somerset with their health and wellbeing for 15 years.

The Like Minds project will give high numbers of local women and men experiencing or at risk of perinatal mental health issues access to counselling, group support and supportive social networks.

This will help speed up their recovery and help them manage their mental health conditions.

Through the project, people will experience increased self esteem and belief in their own parenting abilities, have improved family relationships and improved bonding and attachment to their children.

This project is supported in partnership with the Tampon Tax Fund.

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Promoting Positive Mental Health

Mental Health has been a priority for Comic Relief’s funding in the UK for over ten years we have invested in therapeutic services, services for young people, campaigning and policy change work, anti-stigma and discrimination work and maternal mental health.

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