Sport for change

Comic Relief defines Sport for Change as bringing about positive social change for individuals and communities through the intentional use of sport and physical activity.

Comic Relief has been funding Sport for Change projects since 2002, and as of March 2018 we have funded almost 400 projects in the UK and internationally using Sport for Change, to the sum of over £55 million. These projects tackle a wide range of issues, from increasing community cohesion to addressing issues affecting women and girls, using a variety of sports, including skateboarding, surfing, football, martial arts and boxing. Comic Relief funds pilots for new and innovative work, as well as the continued development of projects that have demonstrated their impact. We also fund campaign and advocacy work and research projects. 

Comic Relief’s Sport for Change work is focused on the following three areas: 

  • Using sport to bring about positive social change across Comic Relief’s four key issue areas: children survive and thrive; global mental health matters; fighting for gender justice; and a safe place to be.
  • Growing the sport for change sector globally by advocating the power of sport, supporting organisations to demonstrate their impact, and working with organisations  who are new to using sport in their approach.
  • Working with strategic partners to develop and deliver Sport for Change programmes. Our current partnerships include London Together with the Mayor of London, the BT Supporters Club with BT Sport, and Try for Change with England Rugby

For more information on Comic Relief’s approach to Sport for Change, you can read our booklet.

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