Our 2014-2020 strategy

Our 2014 - 2020 strategy

We have a six year strategy in place to help us achieve our vision of a just world free from poverty. The strategy's core aims are to:


1. Remain pre-eminent as a UK fundraiser

Measure success by a combination of income levels, public participation figures and creative excellence and high appreciation.

2. Grow Comic Relief’s total income

By continuing to bring in money outside of the main UK campaigns and by increasing international revenue.

3. Deliver an ambitious grants programme

Aligned with the organisation strategy, communicate it to key stakeholders and demonstrate the difference made with the money raised.

4. Continue to run Comic Relief efficiently and transparently

Nurture core partnerships and ensure it is fit for the future.

5. Support work that encourages creativity and new approaches

To deliver change for the disadvantaged people that Comic Relief exists to support.