Application process

Our funding goes through a rigorous process, so that we can make sure we are funding the great organisations and work which will have the greatest impact. The steps involved in this process are set out below.

STEP 1: Before you apply

STEP 2: Proposal

STEP 3: Shortlisting

STEP 4: Compliance check

STEP 5: Governance and financial assessment

STEP 6: Proposal assessment

STEP 7: Decision

STEP 8: Notification


Step 1: Before you apply


Step 2: Proposal

This is your chance to tell us about your work and how you want us to support it. Sometimes we will ask you for a shorter concept note (or even a video) before we decide whether to invite you to complete a full proposal. As part of your full proposal we’ll ask you to submit a number of supporting documents. You can find out more about these documents and see an example proposal form here.


Step 3: Shortlisting

Proposals are reviewed by our team who decide whether to take your application forward for assessment. Along with checking that your organisation and proposal are eligible for funding, we will consider:

  • How well you understand the issues you want to address
  • The strength of your approach
  • The abilities and capacities of your organisation and, where relevant, your partners
  • How your proposal will help us meet our funding priorities – we’ll look at how your work compares and fits with the other proposals we have received here

All successfully shortlisted proposals are assessed. We may request more information about your proposal in between shortlisting and assessment.


Step 4: Compliance check

If your proposal is taken forward to assessment we will carry out a number of checks to ensure your organisation meets our minimum standards. These include checking that your board members are allowed to serve in this capacity, that your annual accounts have been properly scrutinised and that you have a good track record of submitting documents to your regulatory body on time.


Step 5: Governance and financial assessment

To be able to support your proposal we need to be sure of your organisation’s ability to manage our funding. To help us gain this confidence we carry out an assessment of your organisation’s financial health, management and governance. Here we will want to discuss the information you have provided us with in detail and may request additional evidence. We will also assess any partners you may intend to work with.


Step 6: Proposal assessment

We tend to visit organisations at assessment stage to get an idea of how they operates day to day and understand more about the project. How did you develop it? How will it lead to lasting change? How will you know that change has happened and what will you do with learning? We will also assess the knowledge and skills of the organisations we’re being asked to fund and their ability to deliver the work successfully.


Step 7: Decision

Our Funding Committees, made up of independent experts, and our Trustees, decide whether to fund the project based upon your proposal and our recommendations after assessment.


Step 8: Notification

We'll let you know the outcome. If approved, we’ll send you an offer letter and the funding conditions. Read more about on what we expect from Funding holders in managing your Funding.