What we fund

School children playing

1. Our values help us focus our support


Everyone has the right to live free from violence, abuse, neglect and fear.


Everyone should have access to essential services and support which ensure physical and emotional wellbeing.


Everyone is entitled to good quality learning that gives them skills and confidence to face the future with hope.


Everyone has the confidence, voice and opportunity to lead the lives they choose.

2. Our principles inform how we try to create social change

Understanding the context and good practice

There is an understanding of the context in which work is taking place, the root causes of the issues being addressed, and known areas of ‘good practice’.

Consulting and engaging others

People who will benefit from the work, as well as those who could influence its success or failure, are meaningfully consulted at the outset and actively participate during delivery and review.

Understanding change and applying lessons learned

Information about what and how change occurs is captured, measured and analysed, and then applied to inform future work, influence policy and practice, and shared with others.

Being responsive

There is a desire and ability to adapt and change approaches in response to changing contexts, new ideas, or new learning being applied.

Building effective organisations and their leadership

Capable social change organisations and movements and their leadership are supported to invest in their creativity, effectiveness and accountability.

Valuing diversity

People from all sectors of the community are included and represented in the work and in the organisations doing the work, and that there is equality of opportunity.

Using resources effectively

There’s an appropriate use of human and financial resources to achieve the intended goal, and an awareness of good value.

Making lasting change

There are plans to achieve lasting change that will avoid duplication, reflect wider national and regional priorities, and may include empowering ordinary people to hold decision makers to account.

3. We allocate funding under these programme areas and approaches

Our programme areas and approaches