Levelling the field

levelling the field - basketball

Empowering Women and Girls Through Sport

We are not yet accepting applications under this initiative. Funding will go live on the Comic Relief website in late 2020. This information is intended to help organisations plan ahead. More details will be available in due course.

In January 2017, The Scottish Government and Comic Relief announced a new three year programme committing £1.8m to Levelling the Field, an initiative that uses sport to address social issues experienced by the most marginalised women and girls in Zambia, Rwanda and Malawi in order to develop essential life skills, foster confidence and improve their self-esteem. 

Through Levelling the Field Comic Relief and The Scottish Government have invested in 11 funded partners across Zambia, Rwanda and Malawi. Organisations are using Sport for Change approaches that take up a wide range of issues facing women and girls, including tackling negative gender stereotypes; increasing opportunities for women and girls to access education, employment and training; creating leadership opportunities; and supporting projects that tackle violence against women and girls.

We know that sport is a powerful tool for social change. It can be used to challenge harmful stereotypes and address a wide range of issues affecting women and girls. Levelling the Field is therefore unique in its drive to strengthen both the Sport for Change and Women and Girls sectors in Rwanda, Zambia and Malawi. 

This year, 2020, marks eight years of partnership between Comic Relief and the Scottish Government. Together, we have supported organisations across the UK, Bangladesh and Sub-Saharan Africa to improve social inclusion, empower women and girls, support vulnerable children and young people and improve living conditions for people living in slums. 

This highlights the strength of our partnership and we are therefore delighted to announce our joint commitment to Levelling the Field II; 2020-2023. 

Levelling the Field II will build on the strengths and learning from Phase I in order to maximise the impact of our investments and to empower and inspire even more marginalised women and girls. We are excited to work with both new and existing funded partners to further strengthen Sport for Change across the three countries. 

As well as making approximately 10 new investments, we will actively promote networking, collaboration and shared learning opportunities among funded partners. Technical support will also be available to build organisational capacity and to support long term sustainability of those we fund.  

We are incredibly excited to launch the next phase of our partnership with the Scottish Government and continue our joint commitment towards Sustainable Development Goal 5 – achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Taking key achievements and learnings from Levelling the Field will enable us to empower and inspire even more women and girls in Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia through Sport for Change approaches.” – Harriet Jameson,  

“Our funding for Levelling the Field is a perfect example of our commitment to Scotland playing its part in addressing global challenges and injustices and doing this through a partnership approach. That’s why I’m also pleased that the Scottish Government is again teaming up with Comic Relief to build on the success of our previous work together for this second phase of funding.” - MSP Jenny Gilruth, International Development Minister

Funding will go live on the Comic Relief website in late 2020. We will focus on investing in organisations who are based in the three priority countries. Partnership across the Sport for Change and Women and Girls sectors will be encouraged.