Getting started


During the lifetime of your grant the first point of contact will be a member of our team assigned responsibility for your grant – the ‘grant owner’.

We will usually release grant funds in stages and in advance of the period they cover. We do this on the basis of measurable progress being shown and usually on a six monthly basis.

Our responsibilities as grant owners include:

  • Building a relationship with you which facilitates open and honest dialogue

  • Understanding whether the grant delivery and spend appear to be on track

  • Reviewing, probing and feeding back on the information you provide within agreed timeframes

  • Working with you to manage any issues, challenges or changes which impact on the work we are funding

Your responsibilities as grant holders include:

  • Building a relationship with us which facilitates open and honest dialogue

  • Ensuring that the work we are funding is delivered as expected and within the terms of the grant agreement

  • Providing us with information which is clear and accurate and submitted on-time

  • Keeping us informed about any significant issues, challenges or changes experienced by your organisation, your partners or the project


At the start of the grant we will work with you to define in more detail what the project will try to achieve and how you will track change and learn.

We do this by agreeing a start up form. This builds a shared understanding of the project in terms of:

  • What its seeking to achieve

  • How the project will track this

  • What you and any partners want to learn and how you will do this

  • The plan for the first year, including its opportunities and threats

  • Any communication channels that the project will use

The start up form we ask you to complete will depend on your grant’s reporting level. Read about reporting levels here.

Start up forms should be agreed between you and your grant owner within 4 months of the project starting.

Download your start up form and guidance on how to complete it as part of your reporting pack here.

In some instances, we will also bring together all the grant holders under an initiative for a workshop. This will be a chance for you to meet our team and your fellow grant holders, and for us to tell you more about what to expect during your grant.