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Billy Connolly streaking for Red Nose Day

RND 01

Red Nose Day 2001


16 MARCH 2001


Comic Relief raised a thwacking £61m in 2001.

A total of £55 million was raised through the Red Nose Day 'Say Pants to Poverty' campaign itself, which saw great swathes of the public sport their pants with pride and £6 million was raised through the international sales of J.K. Rowling 's special Harry Potter books.

Among the many telly treats there was Billy Connolly's naked streak around Piccadilly Circus, Jack Dee's victory in the celebrity Big Brother house and Ali G's interview with Posh and Becks.

Meanwhile, Westlife’s super cover of Uptown Girl sold more than one million copies and reached No 1 in the UK singles chart.

Highlights from 2001

  • Ali G and the Beckhams

    Ali G meets the Beckhams

    media block

    When Ali G met the Beckhams

  • Billy Connolly in the nude
  • Robbie Williams in the Fast Show for Red Nose Day

    The Fast Show with Robbie Williams

    media block

    The Fast Show with special guest star Robbie Williams.

Red Nose Day 2003

Red Nose Day 2003


14 MARCH 2003


No toupee was left unturned as people did all sorts of things to their barnets for The Big Hair Do.

A whole host of top TV personalities including Ruby Wax put on a show on Celebrity Fame Academy, while the famous faces on Driving School failed spectacularly to get into gear.

A night of top entertainment also saw some hilarious sketches - Harry Potter and the Secret Chamberpot of Azerbajian seeing Harry (in the shape of Dawn French) become a woman, and Lenny Henry and Rowan Atkinson spoofing Martin Bashir's interview with Michael Jackson.

On the music front, Spirit in the Sky by Gareth Gates and The Kumars reached No 1 and became the second-biggest single of 2003. In total, a big £61.6 million was raised!

Highlights from 2003

  • Dawn French as Harry Potter and Jennifer Saunders as Ron Weasley
  • The contestants of Celebrity Fame Academy

Red Nose Day 2005

Red Nose Day 2005


11 MARCH 2005


Big hair was the order of the day for the tenth-ever Red Nose Day!

Millions tuned in for the telly extravaganza and saw celebs put their vocal talents to the test on Comic Relief Does Fame Academy, while Rowan Atkinson got his superhero togs on in Spider-Plant Man. Topping it off were some truly unique Little Britain sketches featuring Sir Elton John, George Michael and Robbie Williams, and a special Vicar of Dibley.

Peter Kay and Tony Christie’s masterpiece, Amarillo, was shown for the first time on Red Nose Day live. The single went straight in at No 1 and stayed at the top spot for seven weeks – selling over one million copies and becoming the biggest-selling download single of 2005.

Red Nose Day 2005 raised an incredible £65 million!

Highlights from 2005

  • Elton John in Little Britain for Red Nose Day

    Little Britain with Elton John

    media block

    Little Britain's Daffyd Thomas interviews Elton John.

  • Robbie Williams in Little Britain for Red Nose Day

    Little Britain with Robbie Williams

    media block

    Robbie Williams visits Emily Howard's 'lady shop'.

Red Nose Day 2007

Red Nose Day 2007


16 MARCH 2007


It really was The Big One!  

Millions watched as Catherine Tate's infamous school girl character, Lauren, seriously ‘bovvered’ former Prime Minister, Tony Blair at Number 10 and Borat made a unique TV appearance live from Kazakhstan.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was crowned queen of the celebrity singers in Comic Relief Does Fame Academy, and Sir Alan Sugar fired Piers Morgan in the thrilling Comic Relief Does The Apprentice final.

The official music single ‘Walk this Way’ by Girls Aloud and the Sugababes hit the top of the charts while I’m The Proclaimers ‘(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles’ – featuring Peter Kay as Phoenix Night’s Brian Potter and Matt Lucas as Little Britain’s Andy Pipkin – became the fastest-selling video download ever. Thanks to you, Red Nose Day 2007 raised a whopping £67.7 million!

Highlights from 2007

  • Ricky Gervais in fake Africa

    Ricky Gervais fakes Africa

    media block

    Ricky Gervais fakes an appeal film from Africa.

  • Tony Blair with Lauren

    Lauren meets Tony Blair

    media block

    Lauren Cooper visits Tony Blair at Downing Street.

  • Lauren with new English teacher David Tennant

    Lauren’s new English teacher

    media block

    Lauren Cooper gets a new English teacher.


Red Nose Day 2009


13 MARCH 2009


Gary Barlow lead a BT sponsored team of celebrities up Mount Kilimanjaro, raising a whopping £3.5m along the way.

Some very famous faces took to the dance floor in Let’s Dance For Comic Relief, and two celebrity teams vied to pitch their business models to Sir Alan Sugar in an extra-special edition of The Apprentice, with the ladies coming out on top.

The night of TV featured a live performance from Take That, and a hilarious Mamma Mia tribute from French and Saunders, which was also their last ever sketch together. More than £82.3m was raised, smashing all previous Red Nose Day records.

Highlights from 2009

  • Catherine Tate in Little Britain for Red Nose Day

    Little Britain with Catherine Tate

    media block

    Catherine Tate turns the tables on Carol in this Little Britain classic.

  • Smithy with the England football team

    Smithy takes on the England football team

    media block

    Smithy gives the England football team some advice.

  • French and Saunders in a Mamma Mia tribute

    French & Saunders’ Mamma Mia tribute

    media block

    French and Saunder's Mamma Mia tribute (part one).

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