Intermediary Funding: LGBTQ+ Led Partner Opportunity 

We’re seeking LGBTQ+ led Intermediary partners with the ability, expertise, networks and knowledge to distribute funding quickly to organisations across the UK. Deadline for application is Midnight Monday 8th June.

As a Funder we believe that grassroots, community-driven change is critical to support individuals in need and to develop a vibrant, strong civil society that builds local resilience and sustainable, positive change. We are proud of the work that we support and the investments we make however we know we can always do more and that we are not always the best organisation to reach and connect with smaller local organisations who need funding and other help. Working with Intermediary funding partners is one way to help us ensure our funding reaches all those who need it.

Covid 19 has made clear the important role that small locally rooted organisations play in providing critical support to people at a community level. Funding from The Big Night In has been used to select a number of new intermediary partners aligned with our Social Change strategy and ensure that we are able to distribute emergency funding to a broad range of community organisations providing frontline support across the UK. 

We recognise that the impact of Coronavirus is not the same for everyone and that for certain underserved and/or minoritized communities the experience of Covid 19 is very different. Pre-existing inequalities are being exacerbated by the pandemic and some communities who are marginalised and disadvantaged have a number of intersecting issues(opens in new window) that increase their risk of being affected by CV19. The impact of coronavirus has led us to review who our funding is currently reaching and where we can do more to help. We want to continue to fund and reach more organisations supporting LGBTQ+ communities across the UK.  We know we can’t do this alone We are looking for LGBTQ+ led partners with the ability, expertise, networks and knowledge to distribute funding quickly to a diverse range of locally rooted organisations across the UK. We are open to organisations that work across the UK or within specific Nations and regions and recognise that the collective term LGBTQ+ hides the diversity within and across these communities and that they have their own experiences and needs. We are opening to working with more than one partner to maximise the reach and impact of the funding available.

We have ring fenced a budget of £650,000 for this opportunity We are looking to partner with LGBTQ+ led organisations who:

  • Reach grassroots organisations with a good geographical spread throughout the nation

  • Are committed to community-led development 

  • Have a participatory approach and put people with lived experience at the heart of programme design and decision-making

  • Have a learning culture and clear plans for understanding and reporting on delivery and impact 

  • Share Comic Relief’s core values in terms of inclusion and diversity

  • Have robust governance systems and policies in place e.g. safeguarding and have the capacity to manage funding and make grants on our behalf 

  • Can support us in gathering and telling compelling and innovative stories of change

If your organisation is LGBTQ+ led and is interested in working with us please complete the proposal document and submit it to in new window)  with any supporting documents by Midnight on Monday 8th June 2020. 

We will then review applications and invite potential partners to tell us more about their proposal in a zoom assessment call between 11-16 June 2020 before making a final decision at our June 23rd 2020 Social Impact Committee meeting.

Download application form(opens in new window)