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How it works

How it works

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You sign up by giving as much or as little as you can each month

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We use your money to fund amazing projects in the UK and around the world

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You get a dose of positivity and a little treat from us each month

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Help others get the education they need

Join now and help children like Ayamba and Pilirani get the best start to life.

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Mental health issues affect 1 in 4 of us in the UK. Join now and with your help we can provide vital support for people like Jordan. You know what to do.


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100% of your donation goes towards helping those in need.

This includes the cost of making sure that your donation is allocated to good projects and properly monitored and evaluated. Comic Relief’s other overheads (including fundraising) are covered by supporters such as corporate supporters and donors, suppliers and investment income and interest.

Fifty percent

Your donation is split 50/50 between UK and international projects

Of the money raised by the public through Red Nose Day, 50% supports the projects we fund right here in the UK and 50% supports projects internationally.

We don't just count your money. we make it count.

We don't just count your money. we make it count

With your donation we fund organisations who do brilliant, innovative and impactful work that really makes a difference.

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Change please, UK

Working to end homelessness

When Change Please first met Adan he had been living on the streets for 12 years. They set him up as a barista, serving coffee to the workers of central London. He then found a home and began to rebuild his life. Your money could help organisations like Change Please give more people like Adan meaningful work and a fresh start.

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Ensuring children survive & thrive

Zaina was able to deliver her daughter safely due to the amazing work of doctors and nurses at Makerere University School of Public Health. Pregnant women in Uganda face many challenges that are often preventable. Your money could help provide vital care for women and newborns ensuring they can both survive and thrive.

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Girls empowerment network, Malawi

Fighting for women's rights

In Malawi, many girls are married before they turn 18. Girls are led to believe that marriage will provide a way to a better life but it rarely does. Girls Empowerment Network seeks to educate girls about marriage and encourages them to finish their education - enabling them to fulfill their potential.  

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Happy mums foundation, UK

Better support for mental health

Sarah has battled with her mental health since her teens. Two weeks after giving birth to her daughter her emotional state got worse. The Happy Mums Foundation provided Sarah with a vital support group when she needed it most. Your money could help fill a gap in support services and help mothers like Sarah have a positive start to motherhood.

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