Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

At Comic Relief, we have a proud history of tackling gender inequality in the UK and across the world.  We passionately believe in our vision to create a just world free from poverty for everyone and that starts here by ensuring that all staff are treated equally within our own organisation. 

For 2018, Comic Relief’s mean gender pay gap is 12.46% and its median gender pay gap is 13.98%. A reduction on 2017.

We are a 71% female organisation with high female representation throughout the organisation particularly at the executive and junior levels.  

Our gender pay gap arises from two key factors; we are under represented by males in junior level roles and we are developing insufficient numbers of women into departmental leadership roles. The steps we are taking to address this include an analysis of the following: 

  • Do people get ‘stuck’ at certain levels within the organisation?
  • Is there a gender imbalance in promotions?
  • Are women more likely to be promoted into lower paid roles? 
  • Do men and women leave the organisation at different rates?
  • Do starting salaries differ by gender?
  • Are we doing all that you can to support part time employees to progress? 
  • Are we supporting both men and women to take on caring responsibilities?

This is Comic Relief’s report for the snapshot date of 5 April 2018.
The mean gender pay gap for Comic Relief is 12.46%
The median gender pay gap for Comic Relief is 13.98%.

Pay quartiles by gender:

Quartiles %

Males Females




Upper middle



Lower middle







We do not pay bonuses.

Since the publication of our 2017 data, we have identified an error in our reporting. The corrected figures for 2017 and (reported) are mean 13.66% (10.27%) and median 16.06% (9.55%). We have updated our website and notified