‘Levelling the Field’: Empowering women and girls through sport

Empowered women and girls through sport

Comic Relief is making new funding available as part of a joint grant-making initiative with the Scottish Government that uses the power of sport to enable and inspire women and girls to reach their full potential.

The “Levelling the Field” initiative aims to support projects that use sport to promote gender equality and empower all women and girls. The new funding round is aimed at potential partners in Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda.

The lives of women and girls across the world has improved in many ways over the last 25 years, but there is still much to do. Empowering women and girls so they are safe and free to lead the lives they choose is a key programme area for Comic Relief.

Sport can be a powerful tool for social change, and can be used to address issues affecting women and girls. As well as providing a way of delivering powerful messages, sport can help people to develop essential life skills, foster confidence and improve self-esteem. It can also be used to challenge gender roles and propel women and girls toward better lives.

The grants made though this initiative are jointly funded by Comic Relief and the Scottish Government and will be for up to £150,000 over a period of 36 months. Only organisations that have been invited to apply will be eligible for funding under this initiative.

Selected organisations will be asked to submit their application for funding under this initiative from August 2017, with final funding decisions made by the end of January 2018.