KFC and Comic Relief

Comic Relief and the KFC Foundation, the charitable arm of KFC, have joined forces to channel their shared vision to help young people across the UK fulfil their potential. 

Together with Comic Relief, the KFC Foundation is aiming to raise £3million in a bid to help organisations in local communities provide safe social spaces, mentoring, employment and social skills for young people. 

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As part of this exciting new initiative, Comic Relief and the KFC Foundation have launched the ‘Future Lookin’ Good’ fund, giving UK organisations who share their values the opportunity to apply for funding.

Whether it’s by providing holistic support through mentoring or coaching, building life skills or improving young people’s ability to gain sustainable employment, the fund recognises that early-intervention is key to ensuring young people can create a positive future where they can live with dignity, and create a happy home in which they feel safe and secure. 

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The money raised will go to support a variety of charities and projects in the UK aimed at helping young people fulfil their potential.

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