We couldn’t think of a more perfect partner than a brand that is on a mission to bring a bite of humour and positivity to the nation, for a better every day. This is why we partnered with Walkers to support mental wellbeing through The Smiles Fund, a joint Walkers and Comic Relief fund focused on early intervention through comedy and arts as well as awareness campaigns that promote talking and positive connections. Walkers have committed to raising £2 million for Comic Relief by the end of 2022, and this Red Nose Day, you can help them raise even more.

Drop the F-word. Talking helps

Fine. It really can be the worst F-word when we don’t mean it. As a nation we collectively proclaim that we’re 'Fine’ 215 million times every day, that is 28 times over the course of the week on average for each individual. Yet according to new research, most of the time (77%) we don’t even mean it. “I’m fine” is an autopilot response that stops us from opening up about how we really feel. Which isn’t good for our mental wellbeing.

So this Red Nose Day let’s all stop saying F*** and start talking.

If you, or someone you know, need some support you can find a list of suggested organisations and services that might be able to help at comicrelief.com/support.

Please give what you can

All money raised will go to the Smiles Fund to support mental wellbeing causes that use comedy and the arts to start positive conversations.

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Ruby’s top tips! 

Wellness expert Ruby Wax has shared some of her top alternative questions to ask instead of ‘how are you’ to encourage others to open up and answer honestly. Why don’t you give one a try this Red Nose Day?

  1.  Give me the weather conditions inside your head

  2. How’s life?

  3. I’ll tell you how I am if you tell me – honestly.

  4. From 1-10. 10 being fine where are you?

  5. What song best describes how you are feeling today?

  6. Which emoji are you today?

  7. If you were a crisp packet, which flavour  best matches how you are feeling lately?

  8. Where are you on a scale from Mr. Grumble to Mr Happy?

  9. What’s keeping you up at night lately?

  10. If your life was in the news, what would be the headline right now?