Community Organisation Resource Centre

Project Name

A People Centred Finance Facility for Cape Town

End Date

31 May 2019

Funding theme

A safe place to be

Amount Awarded


Start Date

30 August 2013

Beneficiary Country

South Africa

Issues: Water and sanitation

Roughly one million people live in slums and settlements to the south east of Cape Town. Their houses and shacks are built on sand dunes with regular flooding and frequent fires. In most areas water and toilets are few and far between. It is expensive to reach the city where work may be.

Over the next few years a further million people are predicted to be living here. For many years the city authorities have built houses and improved conditions – but only a few have benefited.

This project will engage large numbers of poor people in saving small amounts every day. This commitment will allow them to access larger sums for local projects and towards improving their basic conditions.

A capital fund largely managed by community members will be created for this purpose. Through these activities a new sense of community ownership and trust will have developed and residents will be supported to plan how best to improve their neighbourhood.

Once this is established, the city authorities, in recognition of their engagement, has agreed to fund basic settlement improvements, mainly water, toilets and electricity.