Change Please CIC

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Project Name

Change Please

End Date

19 August 2019

Funding theme

A safe place to be

Amount Awarded


Start Date

30 June 2017

Beneficiary Country

United Kingdom

Issues: Homelessness

Change Please is a social enterprise that improves a homeless person's chances in life and employment by tapping into the UK’s insatiable appetite for coffee.

They do this by taking an ethical approach to society and supply chain issues: by producing its own brand of fair trade coffee - soon to be stocked in Sainsbury's - and by providing barista training to homeless clients. Referrals come from a range of well-established homelessness agencies who assess a client's needs and provide ongoing support to the organisation.

Prospective baristas are offered a one-month trial and training course through one of the Change Please vans or café sites, followed by a permanent contract.

As well as barrista training, clients receive additional health and wellbeing support and life skills training to help them keep their tenancies and jobs.

Funding from Comic Relief will help to expand the business and support functions of Change Please, keeping the needs of its Baristas at heart while it grows.