mothers2mothers (UK) Ltd

Project Name

Strengthening Systems for Improving Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

End Date

20 June 2021

Amount Awarded


Start Date

9 October 2015

Beneficiary Country



Every day in sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 600 children contract HIV from their mothers.

Effective methods are available to keep HIV-positive mothers and their babies healthy.

For various reasons, many HIV-positive women don’t take up the recommended treatment and care services to prevent passing HIV to their child.

This project will deploy an electronic system that will help track mother-baby pairs in six countries.

Clients will be followed up by peer mentor mothers, who will encourage women to get the care they need to live well with HIV.

And they will also be taught how to avoid passing the disease to their child, and how to take their child to HIV testing and care services.