Lighthouse Ireland Ltd

Project Name


Beneficiary Country

United Kingdom

Funding theme

Global mental health

Start Date

January 15th 2019

Amount Awarded


End Date

November 2nd 2021

The Endeavour Project will build teams of Peer Mentors in schools to change young male attitudes towards mental health and to encourage more young men to ask for help if they're struggling.

The programme will work in areas with high levels of deprivation in north Belfast, where rates of male suicide are above average.

Young men aged 15 and upwards, will learn to become Peer Mentors through a mix of active youth work and leadership training.

This training will help them to influence their schools, create safe spaces, address mental health challenges, and support fellow students.

The outcomes will be increased resilience, personal development for young men, and a changed culture within schools.

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Promoting Positive Mental Health

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