Youth Net and Counselling - YONECO

Project Name

Passing and Supporting

Beneficiary Country


Funding theme

Global mental health

Start Date

December 8th 2017

Amount Awarded


End Date

January 1st 2021

This project supports marginalised people, such as orphans and young offenders, to access improved community-level and home-based mental health care in four districts in Malawi.

It will train community based health assistants and volunteers to treat and prevent mental disorders and increase the quality of care provided to users.

The project will also use adapted football training drills to raise awareness of mental health issues and tackle stigma and discrimination.

It will also help affected people to form support-groups and to gain skills for better self-representation, and work with communities to decrease the impact of stigma and discrimination.

Finally, it will promote the benefits and opportunities of involvement in economic activities.

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Promoting Positive Mental Health

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