Recovery Funding FAQs

A reminder, we ask you to only apply for this funding if you meet at least one of the criteria;

1. Experiencing an increased demand 2.  Working with vulnerable groups (defined as no recourse to public funds or facing harm) 3.  Delivering an unmet need

When will we see the funds in our account?

  • We expect to make payments in early July. All applications will be reviewed by Comic Relief's Investments Panel, and Comic Relief's Social Impact Committee at the end of June.

  • For investments over £30,000, the payments will be made in two instalments and for investments under £30,000, we will make one payment to your organisation.

When do we have to spend the funds? 

  • You have up to 6 months to use this investment. 

Where can the work take place?

  • The investment is for delivery in the UK only.

How will funding be allocated?

  • We are making investments of up to £40,000, and endeavour to support the majority of funded partners invited to apply. 

  • We will fund no more than 2/3 of your organisational income.

  • We will confirm the exact amount after we have completed our internal governance process at the end of June.

Are costs relating to staff e.g. training eligible?

  • Yes, where you can demonstrate the need.

Does this investment have to fund existing work?

  • No, but where new work is proposed please explain how it is meeting need as part of your Covid-19 response.

  • We want this investment to ensure you are stable and able to, either continue existing work or adjust to need.

Do we have to provide a detailed budget breakdown alongside our application?

  • No but we will ask you to identify what you plan to spend the investment on.

Can I apply to this and other Comic Relief funds?

  • Yes, but for upcoming calls due to their competitive nature, we may have to prioritise organisations that have not received any Covid funding from us.

If we have already adapted or repurposed our current investment from Comic Relief, can we still receive additional funding?

  • Yes

What will monitoring and reporting look like?  

  • We do not require start up forms and reporting is likely to require a light touch addition.

One of my supporting documents is over 10mb, how can I submit it?

If your documents are over 10mb and won’t upload to the application survey, please send them to in new window) with the subject line ‘RECOVERY DOCUMENTS’. Please also include the name of your organisation in the file