Claudia and Tess

Our longest ever danceathon is over

Claudia Winkleman & Tess Daly have completed the longest ever celebrity Danceathon in Red Nose Day history, and danced for more than 24 hours. A huge thank you, Claudia and Tess. They did it to support Comic Relief - show your support and make a donation.



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A decade has passed since our last danceathon


It takes two to tango

This Red Nose Day, Claudia Winkleman & Tess Daly are going above and beyond their usual duties as hosts and doing some dancing themselves. A lot of dancing, actually. You can follow the challenge on BBC Radio 2, and watch them strut their stuff live on the BBC Radio 2 website and the Red Button.


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How to get involved

They’re taking on the longest ever dance challenge that Red Nose Day has ever attempted…more than 24 hours. To keep their spirits up along the way, they will be joined by a host of celebrity guests and familiar faces and you can take part too. Simply download a Danceathon pack and organise your own event.

Download a Danceathon pack

Claudia and Tess

“Stop. Having. Fun!”

Watch Tess and Claudia in training. They'll be dancing the longest Danceathon in Red Nose Day history, so they'll need all the training they can get... 


“I’m so excited to be taking on this epic Danceathon challenge with Tess. I know it’s going to be hilarious to watch because we’re pretty bad dancers - I’m not very good at standing, let alone dancing!”


“I am so proud to be supporting Red Nose Day with Claudia, however I’m not sure what either of us were thinking when we agreed to the longest ever Danceathon challenge! We were worn out during our first choreography session so it’s no doubt going to be a tough challenge.”

Claudia and Tess
Polina Strictly Fundraiser

Fundraising Heroes

Last Red Nose Day Polina organised a strictly-themed dance competition at her University, involving people from all different societies. The final show was filled with glitter, cheering, and laughter and raised an incredible £3096.

Upset child

How your fundraising helps

£20 could provide professional emotional support for a young child in the UK who has witnessed domestic abuse.


It goes without saying

A huge thank you to Greg Whyte, Kimberley Wyatt and AJ O’Neill.