How to bring the laughter home

Boxe Challenges

Make a powerful donation

Donate to complete the missions and help make a difference to vulnerable people around the world.

Use your secret superpowers 

Complete our five fiendishly fun missions as a family, collecting a new clue word each time. 

Defeat Doomy McGloomy

With all five clue words, you’ll unlock the secret to defeating Doomy McGloomy and rescue the nation’s laughter.

Mission One:

Escape the Volcano

Doomy McGloomy has lured you to his volcano lair. Can your family escape his deadly trap before it’s too late?

Mission Two:

Shatter the magic jar

The laughter has been locked in a magic jar. Can your family find the perfect pitch to release it?

Mission Three:

Break the ice

Doomy McGloomy may have fled to Antarctica, but your family are hot on his heels. Will you be able to break the ice?

Mission Four:


Your drawing skills and brainpower will be tested to the max in this mission. Can you unlock the pharaoh’s tomb?

Mission Five:

Limbo the lasers

Your family will face your most dangerous mission yet. But all is not what it seems.

Ethan smiling excitedly.


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