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You’ve just arrived at Doomy McGloomy’s volcano lair to rescue the laughter... 

But he has other plans for you. He’s going to put your family's superpowers to the test in a quest for clues. If you're going to get out of this alive, here's what you'll need to do: 

  1. Come together as a family in your largest room. 

  2. Gather three cushions or pillows - these will be vital for your mission. 

  3. Hit play on the video and listen carefully. 

Remember, we're all counting on you.

Did you escape the eruption in time? Only then are you ready to collect your clue below. It will bring you one step closer to defeating Doomy McGloomy. 

Mission complete?

Collect clue

Never leave a secret agent behind!

If anyone in the family has a disability, you can adapt the mission with your secret superpowers. Steer your fireproof wheelchair around the rocks. Double your powers by holding hands with someone who needs a little help across. There’s no limit to your powers of imagination.

Ethan smiling excitedly.


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