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Doomy McGloomy has fled to Antarctica – the only place colder than his heart.

You'll need to adapt quickly to capture another clue. Here's your briefing agents:

  1. I've given you all a new undercover identity. You are now a family of penguins. Why not make your disguise even better with a Red Nose?

  2. Build a big pile of spare clothing on the floor - even penguins need to keep warm.

  3. Waddle into a line and press play on the video below. You'll soon learn what you need to do!

Good luck penguins. You'll be brrrrrrrilliant!

Did your penguin shuffle break the ice? Then waddle over and collect your clue...

Mission Complete?

Collect clue

Never leave a secret agent behind!

If anyone in the family finds dancing difficult, there are other fun ways to take part. Why not take control of the clothing pile and decide what everyone has to wear! Dad in granny’s slippers?

Ethan smiling excitedly.


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