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Doomy McGloomy has really outdone himself this time.

He's travelled back to ancient Egypt and locked the laughter in a pharaoh’s tomb. Clearly, we cannot underestimate his evil powers.


  1. You’ll need to split up and play to your strengths. Half of the family are artists – grab some paper! The other half of you are code breakers.

  2. Once you’re in your two teams, the artists need to click the button below to open the ancient map. This is for their eyes only and will tell them which hieroglyphics to draw.

  3. In this mission, the artists need to draw the word written above each door. They can only use drawings to communicate, no words allowed!

  4. The codebreakers can speak. They need to correctly guess each drawing, so that you can unlock doors and progress through the maze.

  5. Only the bravest and best make it all the way to the pharaoh’s tomb.

Good luck agents and watch out for the mummy!

Doomy McGloomy on  a secret agent briefing.

Open the ancient map(opens in new window)

Doomy McGloomy always seems to be one step ahead but you are getting closer with every clue. He’s legged it with the laughter, but did you find the clue hidden in the depths of the pharaoh’s tomb?

If not, have another look at the map and scroll down to discover your oldest clue word yet! Once you've found it, you’re ready for your next mission…

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Never leave a secret agent behind!

Genius takes many forms. So if anyone in the family would struggle to draw or guess, you can adapt this mission around their unique powers. From using emojis to describing rather than drawing, you can make sure everyone is part of the fun.

Ethan smiling excitedly.


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