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Your final mission is not for the faint hearted. Or clumsy-footed.

Doomy McGloomy has installed a high security laser maze that only the bravest family can conquer. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Find one loo roll (or string works too) and something sticky like blu tac or sellotape.

  2. Watch the video below for further instruction.

  3. Have your wits about you agents! There's something fishy about Doomy McGloomy.

Did you make it through Doomy's dastardly laser maze? Only then are you ready to collect your final clue below:

Mission complete?

Collect clue

Never leave a secret agent behind!

There may be someone in your family who can’t duck and dive – so why not create levels to your laser mission? For level one, set your laser beams to a height everyone can get through, then gradually amp up the difficulty for your most flexible family members. Remember, if anyone needs a bit of extra help, holding hands doubles your secret superpowers!

Ethan smiling excitedly.


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