Fabulous fundraising ideas

Bake up a storm, run a marathon dressed as a flock of flamingoes or dye your eyebrows red for the day. How will you join in The Big Red Nose Day Get Together?

Pick one idea or go for them all – whatever you do, no matter how big or small, you’ll be helping communities in the UK and across the world live free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

Group Fundraising Ideas

Adult smiling and holding chocolate cake

Bake a difference

Bake it, fake it or just pay to eat lots of tasty treats. Simply set up a stall and start selling to turn delicious bakes into serious dough. Go on. It’s a choux-in for success.

Person wearing red nose and getting their head shaved

Out-there ideas

When it comes to Red Nose Day no idea is too weird or wonderful – so why not let yourself go? From head shaving to chocolate waiving, body waxing to eyebrow dyeing, this is your chance to show us something we’ve never seen before.

Person hula hooping

Quizzes and Games

There are tons of ways to fundraise and have fun too! Test out your brain cells with a quiz, jump on the gaming bandwagon with a board game night or livestream or round up some prizes for a classic raffle.

Person running wearing Red Nose Day merchandise

Go the distance

Walk, run, cycle or pogo stick the miles away – individually, in a relay or as a team. Whether it’s 2, 20 or 200 miles, set yourself a target and see how far you’ll go.

Red Nose and Spoon Race

Follow in the footsteps of our celebrity Red Nose and spoon teams and hold your own Red Nose and spoon event. It doesn’t matter how you do it – get creative with dress-up, obstacles and forfeits – just don’t drop that Nose!

Smiling man wearing red nose and Red Nose Day t-shirt

Put the hours in

Don’t stop ‘til you get enough! Turn your passion into a fundraiser by dancing, knitting, reading, keepy-uppy-ing (or doing whatever you do best) for as long as you can. Could you even keep going for a whole 24 hours?


Fundraising Resources

From quizzes to cake labels, posters to recipes and so much more. We’ve put together loads of extra resources, decorations and inspiration to help make your Red Nose Day fundraiser the best one yet.


Set up your JustGiving Page

Going cash-free this Red Nose Day? For a super simple way to collect online donations – set up a JustGiving page.

What Your Money Does

How your fundraising helps

We believe that a just world, free from poverty, is possible, and that those closest to the issues have the best solutions. So we partner with amazing projects and organisations that are working to tackle some of the biggest challenges society faces today.

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