Pay Online


Pay in your fundraising money online now

You can pay the life-changing cash you raise quickly, easily and securely using a credit or debit card.

Pay At A Bank


Pay in your cash or cheques at the bank using the giro slip in your Fundraising Pack. If you don't have one, you can ask for one at the bank counter.

If you're a school or nursery and would like us to send you a giro slip please complete this online form.

Cheque information can be found below.

Pay By Post

Step 1: You will need

To pay by post, please send us:

  • Your cheque/s

  • Any completed sponsorship form/s

  • Giro slip from your fundraising pack or paying-in form

Step 2: Complete your Cheque

Please make any cheques payable to:

‘Red Nose Day 2022 (Community)’ if you took part in general fundraising activities.

‘Red Nose Day 2022 (Schools)’ if you fundraised as part of a primary or secondary school.

‘Red Nose Day 2022 (Early Years)’ if you fundraised as part of a nursery.

‘Red Nose Day 2022 (Youth Groups)’ if you fundraised as part of a youth group.

Step 3: Make sure to include your forms

Request a giro slip

Download (opens in new window)a Community paying in form

Download (opens in new window)a Schools paying in form

Download (opens in new window)a Youth Groups paying in form

Download(opens in new window) an Early Years paying in form.

Step 4: Send to us

Please address and send to:

Red Nose Day 2022


PO Box 51543



Some Things To Remember

So we can identify who raised the money, when you send your forms please remember to attach either the bank giro slip from your Fundraising Pack (if you have one), or if you don’t have one, please attach a paying in form for cheques.

If you used a sponsorship form, please attach this to your cheques - that way, we can claim Gift Aid on behalf of your sponsors where they have ticked the Gift Aid box.

Download (opens in new window)a Community sponsorship form

Download (opens in new window)a Schools sponsorship form

Download (opens in new window)a Nurseries sponsorship form

Need to pay on behalf of your school or workplace by BACS? Get in touch for more information.

Covid-safe payments

To help keep everyone safe this Red Nose Day, please follow our paying-in tips:

Go cashless

JustGiving and ParentPay are really easy to set up and mean there’s no money to handle.

Quarantine notes and coins

If you do collect cash, quarantine it for 72 hours before counting it. Wash your hands or use sanitiser before and after touching it, too.

Keep your distance

If you need to pay in at a bank, wear a mask and stay 2 metres away from other people.

See more information on Covid-safe fundraising here.