Office workers reading a Red Nose Day fundraising pack

Workplace fundraising

Come together with colleagues and do something great for Comic Relief – from the delicious to the ridiculous.

Bake sale

Workplace patisserie

Raising funds at your 9 to 5 will literally be a piece of cake if you organise a bake sale. Take it building-wide on a tea trolley. 

Office worker wearing a viking hat
Dress up

Up or down?

Get colleagues to glam up or dress down on Friday 15 March. Let them pay-to-pick what their co-workers should wear. 

Quiz cards

Questionable activity

A quiz will spark office-wide pen and head scratching on Friday 15 March. Make it pay-to-play.

Woman sat at a desk singing into a ruler

Auction Aid

The workforce could auction off its bad habits for the day – from drinking coffee to humming inanely at the desk. 


Use Payroll Giving to donate the last hour of your pay on Red Nose Day. It’s easy to do and comes pre-tax, so you’ll hardly notice it's gone. 

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Top tips

Get the boss on board

Trust us, it'll make a difference

Offer prizes

To the best team and to the one who raises the most cash

Talk to your staff about Red Nose Day

Use posters, emails and intranet banners to spread the word

An example giving page

A Red Nose Day giving page is the easiest way to fundraise online.

Start fundraising(opens in new window)

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Calling all workplaces

If your workplace is getting involved in Red Nose Day, get in touch and let us know what you have planned. We'll give you extra support from a dedicated account manager.

Find out more

Help a nurse

£200 could train two nurses in Uganda to help save the lives of mothers and babies.