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We’re just putting the finishing touches to a few of our online extras. There are plenty here already and the rest are coming soon.


sensible bits

Schools fundraising pack

Schools Fundraising Pack

Our primary and secondary school packs are full of fundraising ideas, handy tips and inspirational stories.

Primary schools fundraising pack

Secondary schools fundraising pack


Red Nose Day giving page example


A giving page lets your school collect money online. It's quick to set up, simple to use and completely secure.

Set up a giving page

Sponsorship form

Sponsorship Forms

Use sponsorship forms to collect your donations so we can claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid from the government.

Download student sponsorship form

Download Welsh sponsorship form

Download under-18s sponsorship form

Red Nose Day order form

Red Noses Postal Order Form

Paying by cheque? Print a form and post us your order – easy. Otherwise, simply order online with a card.

Download an order form

Paying in slip thumbnail

Postal Paying-in Slip

Ready to send in your money? Print and complete this form, then pop your cheque in the post. Thank you!

Download slip

School Council Guide

School Council Guide

Let your students run the show with a little help from our handy school council fundraising guide.

Download the guide

Dream Team Cards Thumbnail

Dream Team Cards

Divide and conquer your Red Nose Day plan with these handy cards. Just cut them up and give them out to round up your dream team.

Download cards


Fun stuff

Staffroom Sweepstake Thumbnail

Staffroom Sweepstake

Pin up the poster, pay to play then split the cash – £30 for the winner, £30 for Comic Relief.

Download poster

Bake Sale Extras Thumbnail

Bake sale extras

Try our easy Red Nose Day recipes and download bunting and cake labels to decorate your stall.

Download recipes

Download cake labels & flags

Download bunting

Download all bake extras

Mask Templates

Red Nose Masks

Colour in and cut out masks of your favourite Red Noses. Perfect for a fancy dress day.

Download masks

Talent Show Extras Thumbnail

Talent Show Extras

Download ticket templates, score cards and an in-depth guide for putting on a sensational show.

Download ticket template

Download talent show score cards

Download tips to put on a show

Download all talent show extras

Quiz and games pack

Quiz and Games Extras

Use our ready-made quiz to bring in the cash. There’s also a word search and a crossword.

Download primary quiz and games pack

Download secondary quiz and games pack

Money Box Thumbnail

Money Box Template

Make a simple money box to take care of your cash. Add your own design or print a full colour version.

Download money box outline

Download full colour money box

Coming soon

Red Nose Day school song

Learn Put A Nose On It using the video, lyrics and sheet music, then have a concert to raise cash.

Coming soon

Get to know your noses

Get to know your noses

Say hello to this year’s Noses and find out what they’re all up to on Red Nose Day.

Download poster

Stickers Thumbnail

Red Nose Day Stickers

Use standard Avery L7163 office labels to print extra Red Nose Day stickers so no-one misses out.

Download stickers


Shout about it

Publicity Tips Thumbnail

Publicity Tips

Spread the word by contacting the local paper, signing up a local celeb or posting on social media.

Download tips

Letter to parents thumbnail

Letter to Parents

Simply fill in the blanks on our letter template to get parents on board for the big day.

Download letter

Press Release Thumbnail

Press Release

Stop the press! Alert the media! It couldn’t be easier with our pre-written press release.

Download letter

Coming soon

Social Media Images

Coming soon

Coming soon

All Publicity Extras

Download all the publicity templates and tips in one go.

Coming soon



What When Where Poster Thumbnail

Event poster: What, Where, When?

Fill in the blanks to tell everyone what you’re doing, where and when.

Download primary poster

Download secondary poster

Download Welsh primary poster

Event Poster Thumbnail

Event poster: Blank

Go freestyle with your poster text on a blank canvas, featuring a celebrity or our Red Noses.

Download primary poster

Download secondary poster

Download Welsh secondary poster

How Your Money Helps Poster

How Your Money Helps

Inspire everyone with a reminder of where all the money you raise will go and who it’ll help.

Download how your money helps poster



Keep track of your total as you speed towards your target.

Download totaliser

Thank You Posters Thumbnail

Thank You Poster

Tot up the dosh then use this poster to share your total with the world.

Download primary poster

Download secondary poster

Fundraiser certificate

Fundraiser Certificate

Congratulate everyone who took part with a personalised fundraiser certificate.

Download primary certificate

Download secondary certificate

Coming soon

Poster Pack

Get all the Red Nose Day posters you’ll need with just one click.

Coming soon

Primary School Infographic

infographic poster

Download primary schools poster


Learning resources

Primary Learning Poster Thumbnail

Primary Learning Poster

Spark a discussion about life as a refugee by pinning up this poster about Farhad.

Download poster

Download Welsh poster

Download nurseries poster

Secondary Learning Poster Thumbnail

Secondary Learning Poster

Learn about Leila, who’s living in a refugee camp in Serbia, having fled her home in Iraq.

Download poster

Download Welsh poster

Coming soon

Interactive Story

Explore Farhad’s life, either as a class or individually, learning about his family, hobbies and hopes for the future.

Coming soon

Primary and Secondary Films Thumbnail

Primary and Secondary Films

Watch our short films to learn about life as a refugee and how your fundraising will help youngsters around the world.

Primary school film – Farhad’s Story

Secondary school film – 'Hello, Salaam, I Miss You’

Assemblies Thumbnail

Primary and Secondary Assemblies

Use our ready-made assembly presentations to remind everyone what Red Nose Day is all about.

Download primary assembly

Download secondary assembly

Primary Topic Map

Primary Topic Map

Take a look at our topic map for more ideas on exploring this year’s fundraising focus.

Download key stage 1 topic map

Download key stage 2 topic map

Secondary Tutor Time Activities

Secondary Tutor Time Activities

Download tutor time activities to spark further discussion on this year’s topic.

Download infographic poster

Download activities



Nurseries fundraising pack

Nursery fundraising pack

Our nursery activity pack is full of fundraising ideas and tips, as well as an inspiring story to share with little ones.

Order your free activity pack 

Sponsorship and pay in forms

Sensible bits

Take care of the cash and order some Red Noses with our handy forms.

Download a sponsorship form

Order your Red Noses

Set up a giving page

Download a postal paying-in form

Event poster

Decorate your setting

Set the scene with colourful posters and Red Nose Day decorations.

Download Red Nose Day event poster

Download a how your money helps poster

Download bunting

Party Bus Poster and Stickers

Prepare to party

Spread the word with a poster or two and tickets for the party bus.

Download party bus event poster

Download party bus thank you poster

Download party invitations

Download stickers

Bake Sale Extras

Bake sale extras

Use our easy recipes to whip up everything from fruity monsters to tasty cupcakes.

Download recipes

Download cake labels

Treasure Hunt and colour sheet

Fun and games

Download all the fun and games you need for the big day – for little ones and grown-ups too.

Download stick the Nose on Mr Tumble 

Download Red Nose colouring sheets

Download pass the parcel challenges

Download sweepstake for grown-ups

Download treasure hunt

Lawand's Story Poster

Learning resources

Share Lawand’s story to help little ones understand why they’re raising money.

Download the learning poster 

Download learning activities

Download word cards

Download Makaton matching game 

Shine song lyrics

‘Shine’ song

Sing and sign along with Mr Tumble to the ‘Shine’ song from Something Special.

Watch the ‘Shine’ song

Download the lyrics