A girl smiling and wearing a red nose and a TK Maxx t shirt.

Free downloads for schools and early years settings

Whether you go big or keep it simple, we still think you’re super, so step this way for our fabulous resources to make the most of Red Nose Day.

Remember, whatever you get up to, please follow the latest Covid-19 guidelines for your area to help keep everyone safe.

Fun stuff

fun stuff

Talent show

Show off your secret superpowers with an all-singing, all-dancing talent show.

Score cards(opens in new window)

Ticket templates(opens in new window)

Bake sale or picnic

How about switching your bake sale for a picnic to help everyone keep their distance?

Recipe cards(opens in new window)

Cake labels(opens in new window) 

Look the part

Make your own superhero masks then brighten up the classroom with extra stickers and bunting.

Superhero mask templates (opens in new window)

Sticker template(opens in new window)

Bunting(opens in new window)

Well done certificate

After Red Nose Day, thank everyone for taking part with a personalised certificate.

Well done certificate(opens in new window)

Video Calls Backgrounds

Bored of video calls? Boost the banter with our brilliant backgrounds.

Download video call backgrounds(opens in new window)


posters boxes

Event poster

Tell everyone what you’re planning, where and when, with a little help from Joe Sugg.

Event poster(opens in new window)

Sweepstake poster

How many lunges stand between Joe Lycett and his biscuits? Put up the poster then pay to guess.

Staffroom sweepstake poster(opens in new window)

Thank you poster 

Announce your grand total to the world and thank all your brilliant supporters. 

Thank you poster (opens in new window)

Totaliser poster 

Set a fundraising target then track your fundraising all the way to the finish. 

Totaliser poster(opens in new window) 

Meet the Noses poster 

Get to know this year’s Red Noses, from cheeky Fox and clever Badger to the brilliant Lady B. 

Meet the Noses poster (opens in new window)


Help to kick-start a wave of smiles from your house to the next, and onwards all around the country. Download the poster, add your favourite joke and put it in your window to share with the world. We can’t make the country smile without you.

Share a smile poster(opens in new window)

Shout about it

shout about it boxes

Message to parents 

Spread the word with our template. Simply paste it into a letter or email and fill in the blanks. 

Guidance notes for message to parents(opens in new window)

School council guide 

Empower your pupils and hand over the Red Nose Day reins to the school council. 

School council guide(opens in new window) 

Team cards 

Many hands make light work, so round up your Red Nose Day team with our handy cards. 

Red Nose Day team cards (opens in new window)


Alert the press! Get your local paper, radio station and TV channel to help spread the word about your Red Nose Day fun.

Download press release(opens in new window)

Useful stuff

Useful stuff

Red Noses order form 

Get your hands on your Noses with our exclusive schools’ deposit scheme. Order boxes of 40, pay a little now then settle up later. 

Red Noses postal order form (opens in new window)

Order Red Noses online(opens in new window) 

Sponsorship form 

Get sponsored for your superpowered challenge then send us the forms so we can claim Gift Aid.

Sponsorship form (opens in new window)

Postal paying-in form 

After Red Nose Day, use this form to pay in your fundraising with a cheque in the post. 

Postal paying-in form (opens in new window)

Virtual fundraising ideas 

From sporting feats to online song contests, use our virtual ideas to have some actual fun. 

Virtual fundraising ideas (opens in new window)

Covid-safe fundraising tips 

There are still loads of ways to get involved this year. Just follow our tips to help you stay safe. 

Covid-safe fundraising tips (opens in new window)

Learning resources

Learning resources

School films 

Meet Ethan and Courtney and hear how Comic Relief funding has helped them in our short films made especially for schools.

Meet Ethan (primary) (opens in new window)

Meet Courtney (secondary) (opens in new window)

Classroom posters

Download and pin up our classroom posters to introduce your pupils to Ethan and Courtney. 

Primary learning poster (Ethan)(opens in new window)

Secondary learning poster (Courtney)(opens in new window)

Topic maps and PSHE Activities

Use our topic maps and activities to explore the issues around Ethan or Courtney’s story.

KS1 topic map (Ethan)(opens in new window)

KS2 topic map (Ethan)(opens in new window)

KS3 and KS4 PSHE activities (Courtney)(opens in new window)

Early Years

Useful stuff

Early years useful

Sponsorship form 

Get sponsored for your carnival activities then send us the forms so we can claim Gift Aid. 

Early years sponsorship form(opens in new window)

Postal paying-in form 

After Red Nose Day, use this form to pay in your fundraising with a cheque in the post. 

Postal paying-in form(opens in new window)

Learning resources 

Use our story poster to introduce your little ones to Elida, then extend their learning with fun activities featuring JoJo and Gran Gran.  

Learning activities(opens in new window)

Learning poster(opens in new window)


Spread the word about your carnival and hold a staffroom sweepstake. 

Event poster(opens in new window)

Thank you poster(opens in new window)

Staffroom sweepstake poster(opens in new window)

Fun stuff

Early years fun stuff

Party games 

Get crafty and make carnival crowns, stick the Red Nose on Panda and go on a springtime scavenger hunt.

Gran Gran’s carnival crowns(opens in new window)

Stick the Red Nose on Panda(opens in new window)

Cynthia’s scavenger hunt(opens in new window)

Stickers and colouring  

Print extra stickers using simple label sheets and colour in JoJo and Gran Gran. 

Sticker template(opens in new window)

JoJo and Gran Gran colouring sheets(opens in new window)

Fundraising packs

fundraising packs

Primary school fundraising pack

Download now(opens in new window)

Secondary school fundraising pack

Download now(opens in new window)

Early Years activity pack

Download now(opens in new window)

Downloadable Fundraising Certificates

Downloadable Fundraising Certificates Boxes