Farhad showing a drawing of him


Farhad is a young boy with big dreams of one day becoming a celebrated artist and the best footballer in the world.

Watch the video to find out more about Farhad's family, home and hopes for the future. There’ll be a few questions later on, so watch and listen carefully.


Farhad's family

Farhad lives with his mum, dad and two brothers, Farzad and Faramarz in a refugee camp in Serbia.

Farhad's Mum


Farhad's Dad


Farhad smiling and looking into the camera


Farhad's family 2





Farhad's Family's room

At the moment, they're all sharing one room where they eat, sleep, study and play.

Farhad and his family are from Afghanistan.

Life wasn't always like this though...

Farhad and his family are from Afghanistan.

“We lived in a big house. There was a room for me and my brothers. I had friends from Afghanistan in school.”


The journey

Two years ago, they had to flee again, making the dangerous journey from Iran to Serbia on foot, by car and on a smuggler's boat.



Farhad's had an incredibly tough few years but, thanks to money raised by people like you, his future's looking brighter.

Refugee Foundation Serbia

Refugee Foundation Serbia is helping Farhad and other young people rebuild their lives

English teacher with refugees


The project supported Farhad's learning with Serbian and English lessons, so he could continue his education and make new friends.

Art supplies

Art supplies

When the team realised Farhad had a love of and talent for art, they gave him some colouring pencils and paper, so he could start drawing again.

Farhad playing football

Time for a kick-about

Along with other youngsters from the centre, Farhad’s been on picnics and day trips, where he can get some fresh air and work on his ball skills.

Farhad playing football

Farhad's future

Farhad’s family have recently been given citizenship in Serbia and his drawings have been displayed at an art exhibition in Belgrade.

He’s still hoping for a new home and the chance to get back to school though.