It’s quick and easy to pay in the money you raise, whether it’s online, by post or in person. The money you raised will make a massive difference.


You’re officially amazing

Download your school’s official Red Nose Day certificate to show the world what fabulous fundraisers you are.

Fundraising ideas

Pick your favourite fundraising ideas or go for them all! Add your school's own unique twist to raise a laugh while you raise money.

Primary fundraising ideas

Young person smiling and holding two red noses

Take on a sponsored challenge as individuals, a class or a whole school. Put in the hours by dancing, reading, or keepy-uppy-ing for as long as you can. Whatever you choose, collect sponsorship and go all out to smash your target.

Primary school child dressed as super hero with arm raised in the air

Join schools across the UK in a dressing-up day to remember – whether it’s as Superman, Wonder Woman, a superhero of your own creation, or a local hero in your community. Just pay a small fee and dress to impress.

Two young people racing in a nose and spoon race and wearing Red Nose Day antennae

Red Nose and Spoon Race

Pit class against class for a distance dash, or hold a whole-school relay in the playground. Invite parents and carers, collect donations and get sponsored to keep the Nose on the spoon as long as you can.

Child stirring a mixing bowl with a wisk.

Bake a Difference

Set up a stall at break time or after school and get selling to turn delicious bakes into serious dough. Cook up a family favourite or try one of our Red Nose Day recipes. It’s a choux-in for success.

Child comedically pointing at red nose on their face

Pay-to-Play Quiz

Collect donations for a lunchtime brain-teaser or make an event of it selling tickets for a students vs. parents vs. teachers clash. You could even set up a snack bar on the side to bring in some extra cash.

Learn through play

LEGO® at the ready!

We’re super excited to be working with the LEGO® Group to inspire learning through play this Red Nose Day.

We’re encouraging pupils to create their very own Red Nose habitat with free LEGO® Build the Change factsheets and activities. We are keen to offer pupils a wide range of inclusive activities that they can engage with on Red Nose Day, giving them the power to fundraise and change lives.

Red Nose Day

Download free resources

From posters, recipes and activity sheets to quizzes and curriculum-linked learning resources, download everything you need to make this Red Nose Day the best ever.

Meet Teddy

Nine-year-old Teddy from County Durham was born with cerebral palsy, has epilepsy, and is visually impaired. When he was younger, he felt different to other children and often felt left out. Since going to music and drama classes run by North East Sight Matters and funded by Comic Relief, he has started to try new things, gain confidence and make new friends.

You can see the video with an audio description by clicking here(opens in new window).

Share your fundraising story

We love hearing about the creative, daring (or just silly) things you do for Red Nose Day. Let us know how your school is fundraising, and you could even feature on TV, radio or our social media.

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