Sport Relief 2020 in March raised an incredible £40,916,000 with all the money raised supporting people living incredibly tough lives here in the UK and around the world.

Since Sport Relief 2020, we have made commitments totalling over £25.2 million to organisations working towards our vision of a just world free from poverty in our four thematic focus areas – A Safe Place To Be; Fighting for Gender Justice; Children Survive & Thrive and Global Mental Health Matters.

Here are just a few examples of how your fundraising efforts have helped so far…

FARESHARE - Food Poverty

The impact of Covid-19 has been devastating for the UK’s most vulnerable communities. Many have found themselves facing real hardship - struggling to feed themselves and their families either because they couldn’t access food, or because they couldn’t afford it. 

Fareshare, funded by Comic Relief, redistribute surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. Jo and Angie run a community hub in Hebburn, and receive food from FareShare. At their height, they were providing 20 food parcels and 120 pack lunches per day to vulnerable people in their local area. 

“So many people have lost their jobs this year. We had a family of four come to us who had nothing to eat but a packet of frozen sausages between them – they didn’t have a working lightbulb left in the house”, Angie explains. 

Thanks to your donations to Sport Relief and The Big Night In, Fareshare have been able to meet the huge increase in need during the pandemic – doubling the amount of food they are redistributing. That’s enough to provide two million healthy meals a week. Food has made its way to over 11,000 frontline community groups nationwide – and into food parcels, packed lunches, breakfast clubs and temporary accommodation.

AMURT - Fatuma and Emma Update

During Sport Relief, we told you about eight-month-old Emma. Emma lives with her mum, Fatuma, and grandparents, Abdi and Riziki, in a community near Kenya’s coast.

Emma’s family recently had to leave their home of 19 years, because they couldn’t afford to pay the rent anymore. Abdi, Emma’s Grandfather, found himself splitting what he earned between food for the family and building materials, for their new home he was building by hand. Riziki, Emma’s Grandmother, does what she can by weaving coconut leaves into thatch to sell, but the income is unreliable.

Fatuma is not only doing all of the hard work involved in being a mum to baby Emma, but she’s also desperate to work, and find new ways to support the family. Fatuma dreams of one day making clothes to sell, but she needs a tailoring qualification, which feels completely out of reach.

Since Sport Relief in March, a project called AMURT has been helping mums in the area to access vocational skills. Fatuma is due to start a course in January ‘21 when schools reopen in Kenya. She’ll be trained in tailoring, and her dreams of making clothes to sell are finally feeling within reach.

But that’s not all. Fatuma and Emma have both been receiving support from Janipher, a Community Health Volunteer who supports over 80 children and their caregivers. Janipher has already received training - funded in part with your donations - to help support babies, and their mums, to stay healthy and well.

AMURT have also started working with local children’s centres, to make sure young children get vital stimulation and early years education before they reach primary school. 

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Harmless is a service that provides help and support to people in the UK that self-harm, their friends and families to reduce risk to those individuals and ultimately reduce suicide. Since SR20, we have committed a further £157,366 to help them continue providing this incredibly important support.

Maternal Mental Health

Comic Relief’s Maternal Mental Health initiative was launched in 2016 with the aim of providing community-based interventions for women and families in the UK experiencing postpartum mental health problems. Since SR20, we have committed a further £483,619 of funding across 8 organisations to further support this vital work.

Justice Together

Justice Together is a new initiative aiming to create a more accessible UK immigration system, ensuring people who use the system can access justice fairly and equally. The initiative was launched earlier this year, with initial funding from a collaboration of 11 independent funders. Comic Relief have committed £1.5m to this initiative over the next five years.

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