Move 22 FAQs

Between 28 July and 8 August, people up and down the UK, and around the Commonwealth, are taking part by moving 22 miles over the 12 days of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games to raise money for Sport Relief.*

You can be part of this historic moment. All you need to do is lace up those trainers, slip on a sweatband and Move 22.

You can walk or run, use two or four wheels, or mark off your miles in your own creative way. Go solo, do a team relay, or race to the finish line against your friends.

And you don’t even have to go the distance, literally. Get creative by doing something memorable 22 times. Anyone up for 22 push ups a day, 22 laps of the office, or 22 yoga classes?

As long as you Move 22, the rest is up to you.

*Comic Relief intends to split all proceeds equally between Comic Relief and registered charities United by Birmingham 2022 Legacy Charity and Commonwealth Sport Foundation.

No, of course not! Many of us will be walking, cycling or pogo jumping our way to the finish line. This is your challenge, whether you walk, hop, cycle, pogo or swim you’ll be making a difference.

Your Move 22 t-shirt should arrive within 10 days of registering for the event. If you are concerned about the whereabouts of your t-shirt, ordered to the incorrect address, or would like an update on its progress, please email us at Please note, t-shirts are only available for those in the UK.

Move 22 is completely FREE to enter. You can complete your registration here.

To get ready for your Move 22 challenge and receive your free challenge t-shirts, we ask participants to sign up by 21 July. This gives plenty of time to lace up those trainers, flipper, or bouncy hoppers, and start collecting those pounds for Sport Relief.  

Completing the challenge

Share and shout to friends, family, and neighbours and let the world know about the amazing challenge you’ve set for yourself!

In need of some more inspiration to help boost your fundraising? You can find more ideas to fundraise on our website. 

Or why not write a post on our Facebook group? Ask other teammates how they are fundraising to gain inspiration!

You can set your own target. Whatever you raise, you’ll be helping to change lives for the better.

If you’re fundraising through Facebook, we’ve set a suggested fundraising target of £155. You can change your fundraising target at any time – by going to your fundraiser and selecting ‘edit goal’. 

The money you raise will help changes lives for the better by funding projects taking on important issues, including tackling inequality, improving mental health and helping young people to survive and thrive.

We believe that a just world, free from poverty, is possible and that those closest to the issues have the best solutions. We partner with amazing projects and organisations to tackle some of the biggest challenges society faces today. To find out more about the amazing projects Comic Relief supports, visit our What your money does page.

There’s no deadline, although if you’re fundraising through Facebook, your fundraiser will automatically close on 31 August 2022 – but you can extend this anytime by going to your fundraising page, selecting ‘edit’ and then changing the end date. 

Absolutely! Make sure their parent or guardian fills out the form with their own details (not their child’s) and we’ll send out their free team t-shirt! Unfortunately, we cannot offer child sizes, but we can send a small size direct to you.

Please note that fundraisers who are under 18 must have permission from their parent or guardian and must be supervised by a responsible adult. Under-18s should never approach strangers about fundraising.

Absolutely! JustGiving team pages allow you and your friends to join your individual fundraising pages together to contribute to an overall total.

The team page will list everyone’s individual page, as well as the charity you’re raising money for and the collective total you’ve raised together.

How to create a JustGiving team page

  1. Create an individual Fundraising page that you want to be connected to a team. If you already have a page head to view your page to begin.

  2. On your page click the link called 'create a team'

  3. Give your team a name and confirm the event you’ll be participating in.

  4. Choose your team's web address and hit 'create a team' To discover more about how to join a team in JustGiving, click here.

The Move 22 challenge commences on the 28 July and will be running all the way through the 12 days of the Commonwealth Games until 8 August.

But this is your challenge, so complete your Move 22 challenge whenever suits you.

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself. Do as much as you can. Every pound raised and move made will make a difference!

Facebook donations

Yes. The safest and easiest way for friends and family (who don’t have Facebook) to donate to your page is to donate to your personal bank account directly and then you donating through to your own page on their behalf. Or you can set up a JustGiving page at: