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Eva - 5 July, Bristol

Eva Daly, 28, is a case worker with the Bristol-based charity, Unseen, which provides vital support and safe spaces for those attempting to flee trafficking and modern slavery. Unseen run a Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline that has helped thousands of people in difficult situations across the UK. The 24-hour helpline also provides grassroots data that helps governments, and organisations with their anti-slavery strategies, an initiative that was supported by Sport Relief donations.

Read more about Eva's story here.

Rae - 8 July, Hemel Hempstead

Rae Saleem, 47, from Potters Bar, was left paralysed from the neck down after a serious cycling accident in 2017. He was told he would never walk again. Defying all odds, and after a long road to recovery with a gruelling rehabilitation programme, Rae not only learnt how to walk again but also started exercising regularly to build back his physical strength and his mental resilience. He now takes on mammoth physical challenges to raise money for charity.

Read more about Rae's story here.

Laura - 10 July, Nottingham

Laura Hughes, 24, is a Clinical Support Worker with the Nottingham-based Harmless CIC. With the help of money raised by Sport Relief, Harmless runs The Tomorrow Project, which supports people in suicide crisis through one-to-one sessions. They also go into communities which have been impacted by suicide, to reach out directly to people affected.

Read more about Laura's story here.

Ruth - 17 July, Northwich

Ruth Williams, 42, co-founded Smile Group, a charity in East Cheshire that supports parents who are experiencing perinatal mental health challenges. Ruth struggled with her own mental health after giving birth to her first daughter and she felt there was a gap in community support services in the region. Now, with the help of money raised by Sport Relief, the charity offers maternal group support, talk therapy, wellbeing walks and home visits.

Read more about Ruth's story here.

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