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Join our movement

Applications for the first Comic Relief Squads are now closed. Watch this space for further updates.

Comic Relief Squads is a brand new way of volunteering, made just for you.

Squads empowers you to come together with others to support and raise funds for people living incredibly tough lives here in the UK and around the world. 

This is your chance to share your voice, time and skills to take a stand on causes that you care about.

What your money does

If you and your Squad want to fundraise, your money will help to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. Just £50 could help a young person in the UK struggling with mental health issues access advice and support.

What your money does

Comic Relief has a simple purpose – to create a just world free from poverty. We’re doing this by funding and investing in amazing organisations across the UK and internationally to help tackle some of the key issues of our time:

  • Supporting children so they have a secure and stable start in life 
  • Fighting for gender justice across the world
  • Providing a safe place for some of the world’s most vulnerable people 
  • Helping build new approaches to mental health in the UK and overseas.