Fighting for Justice & Equality

Throughout the world, all women and girls face discrimination purely because of their gender. This takes the form of inequality, violence and exploitation.

With your donation, Comic Relief has been funding gender justice programmes since we began over 30 years ago and we are continuing to support women and girls' fight for justice and equality today.

Equality for women and girls - Paragraph Boxes

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Gender-based violence is a global epidemic, with 1 in 3 women affected worldwide.

In England and Wales an average of two women are killed by their partner or ex-partner every week.

Women are hugely under-represented at policy-making levels throughout the world.

We believe that women and girls should have equal power and opportunity to make decisions at all levels. The idea that some of us are worth less because of our gender leads to real violence, abuse and discrimination.

Every day, structural inequalities affect women and girls’ lives all over the world. Millions experience discrimination, are unable to access the same level of education as their male peers, and face violence based on their gender. Harmful practices, such as female genital mutilation (FGM) persist across the world, including the UK. Women are also far more likely to be in unpaid domestic work or jobs that have very low wages and no path for career progression.

Working with our partners, we can and will reduce violence and intimidation against people in their own homes, and support women and girls who face injustice based on their gender.

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Harbour Support Services

Harbour Support Services supports the mothers and children living in the refuges across Northeast England, and Comic Relief funds two early years practitioners who support women who are pregnant or with children under school age.


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She’s just joined a course near her home on the coast of Kenya – and it could change her family’s life.

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