Mental ill health affects one in ten people at any given time, yet the majority of the world’s population can’t access specialist mental health support and many struggle in silence.

With your donations, Comic Relief is working with partners to ensure that people experiencing mental health problems have access to appropriate help, and can live free from stigma and discrimination.


Two women hugging.

One in four people will be affected by a mental health problem during their lives.

Man staring out of his kitchen window

The World Health Organisation estimates that someone, somewhere takes their own life every 40 seconds.

A man looking at the camera.

Up to 85% of people in low and middle-income countries do not receive adequate treatment for mental health conditions.

Since last Red Nose Day in 2019, our funding has helped support over 28,000 people experiencing or at risk of mental health problems to access the quality services they need.

Meet Reece

"They helped me talk and be who I am now."

For young men like Reece, projects like Virtually Minded, part of YMCA Sutton Coldfield, provide a safe space to talk about mental health and offer support.

We believe everyone has the right to quality mental health support where and when they need it.

Although progress has been made in the UK, mental health services are limited and demand significantly outweighs supply – even more so during the Covid-19 pandemic. And many people still encounter negative attitudes if they talk about having a mental health problem.

Improving access to mental health services and combating stigma around mental health problems in the UK has been a priority for Comic Relief for over ten years. We are now also striving to achieve these same goals internationally, and raise the profile of the rights of people in low and middle-income countries living with mental health conditions.

Your donations mean more people experiencing mental health problems can access the right support.