Tens of millions of people around the world don’t have a safe place to live, having been forced from their homes due to conflict, persecution, natural disasters, poverty or personal and family circumstances.

We believe everyone should have a safe and dignified place to call home. Your donations enable us to partner with organisations around the world and in the UK, that help people access secure housing and feel settled in their new communities. We also challenge negative attitudes towards homelessness.


More than 79 million people around the world have been forcibly displaced from their homes.

A boy holding up a sign that says "Kids have a right to a safe home."

Tens of millions of children are estimated to be living on the streets worldwide.

A man looking at the camera.

On an average night in England, more than 2,600 people are estimated to be sleeping on the streets.

Since last Red Nose Day in 2019, our funding has helped to support over 27,000 people experiencing or at risk of homelessness to access safe accommodation and specialist support.

We have also helped to support over 213,000 refugees and asylum seekers.

Meet Cameron

Cameron feels so passionately that no other children should be homeless and go through what he and his Dad did, that he campaigns for Change it!

We believe everyone should have a safe place to call home. Housing is a human right. People don’t just need access to basic housing – they need to be able to create a home in which they feel safe and secure.

Whether it's families facing homelessness here in the UK, those who have been forced to flee their home, or people who are surviving in informal settlements across the world – we learn from their experiences.

We have over 25 years’ experience funding projects and organisations that tackle homelessness and reach vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers.

Your donations mean more people around the world can have a safe place to be.