Millions of children all over the world aren’t getting their basic needs met. When children are prevented from reaching their potential, this can have devastating consequences for their lives, for their whole communities and for future generations.

With your donations, Comic Relief partners with organisations in the UK and around the world to ensure that every child has the best start in life – by supporting families and communities to meet all young children’s needs.

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Each year around the world, it is estimated that more than 5 million children die before their fifth birthday, mostly from preventable and treatable causes.

It is estimated that almost half of all children who survive until they are five are not achieving their developmental potential.

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In the UK, poor nutrition affects around 4 million children whose families struggle to afford enough healthy food.

Since last Red Nose Day in 2019, our funding has helped to support over 3.5m people to increase their awareness or access improved maternal, neonatal and child health services in Africa and Asia.

In just the last year, we have committed funding that will provide over 10 million meals to people in the UK who need them most.


‘’Last month Goitsimang had a test for HIV and I was so proud that I did something good. He is negative. My child will grow up healthy.”

Dimakatso and son Goitsimang 1

"I have lots of responsibility. I’m the oldest and look after a younger brother, sister and my Aunt's son who is 5 - and my baby boy. My Aunt and Mum need to make money – they are in a factory in Krugersdorp, four hours from here.

In 2014 I realised I have HIV positive status, I went to the clinic for tests and since then I have been taking medication, I was 18. I am wary of people being judge-y. Before I felt uncomfortable about what people might think, but now I say yes I am living with HIV and that is fine."

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"My baby (Goitsimang) was 7 months when mothers2mothers came – Ayanda, a Peer Mentor from there, explained mothers2mothers is a club that encourages young mothers in how to raise their children with a healthy lifestyle.

Ayanda explained it’s important to keep taking the medicine so I can’t pass HIV to my child whilst I’m breastfeeding. Also eating healthy food and exercise. It helped me a lot to understand having HIV is not the end of the world – being positive is not like being sick, as long as you take your medicine very well. I can share everything with her. If things are hard I can talk to her and feel more comfortable and happy."

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"I enjoy speaking to other mums. We help each other. I am someone without a lot of friends so mother2mother is also friendships – I go out of the house and meet people. Now I have gained back my confidence, I smile every day and I feel happy when Ayanda comes with toys, or I go to playgroup.

Last month Goitsimang had a test for HIV and I was so proud that I did something good. He is negative. My child will grow up healthy."

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Photography by Karin Schermbrucker / Comic Relief

We believe that every child has the right to the best start in life.

Ensuring all children have good health, nutrition, care, stimulation and that they grow up in safety is a global challenge. While children in low and middle-income countries are more likely to face challenges that can significantly affect their physical and mental growth, children all over the world experience barriers to their development as happy, healthy and confident individuals.

By working with those closest to the issues, our funding helps to ensure children grow up with a safe home, stimulation, good nutrition and access to healthcare.

Your donations mean more children in the UK and around the world will survive and thrive.