How we allocate funding

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We put people at the heart of our funding. This means working in partnership with people and organisations to create solutions to challenges together.

Our strategy connects our UK and international work and will sit under the Global Goals for sustainable development, which challenges governments, companies and communities to respond urgently to poverty and inequality.

1. Our values help us focus our support

Our values


Everyone has the right to live free from violence, abuse, neglect and fear.


Everyone should have access to essential services and support which ensure physical and emotional wellbeing.


Everyone is entitled to good quality learning that gives them skills and confidence to face the future with hope.


Everyone has the confidence, voice and opportunity to lead the lives they choose.

2. We allocate funding under these programme areas and approaches

HWMG prog areas

Where we make grants

3. We fund projects around the world

Of all the money raised by the public each year, we spend 40%-50% helping people right here in the UK. The rest is spent internationally, with a focus on supporting people in Africa, although we also fund projects in Asia, Latin America and beyond.

4. We follow a step-by-step process

You donate your money to us in good faith, so we’ve made sure our process of awarding grants is rigorous, with many ‘checks and balances’. This ensures your generosity has a real and measurable impact on people’s lives.




Projects review our ‘Open Funding Initiatives’ page to see what we’re looking to fund and if it matches up with what they want to do.

Proposal submitted


Proposal submitted

Suitable projects then submit a proposal – telling us what they want to do and why, how they plan to do it, how it’ll make a difference and how much money they need.

Proposal review


Proposal review

We assess the proposal, contact the project to find out more about them and their plan and to carry out due diligence checks.




Our Grants Committees, made up of independent experts and our Trustee Board, decide whether to give the project a grant or not, based on their proposal and our assessment.

Grant awarded


Grant awarded

If the proposal is approved, the grant is made. The money is usually released in stages on the condition of measurable progress being shown.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning


Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Throughout the duration of the grant, we work with our grantees to monitor and evaluate their work. This helps to ensure they achieve what they set out to do. Any lessons we learn from this are used to help the grantee, and others, improve.