A big back to school thank-you

Celebrating going back to school

Today marks the time of the year when everyone waves goodbye to the summer holidays, gets back into a routine and social media is alight with posts from proud parents and guardians as they send their children off to school.

Comic Relief is also proud to work with the great British public in helping 1.5 million people get into education in some of the world’s poorest communities.

In the 30 years of grant making at Comic Relief money raised has improved access to quality education and life skills, by supporting numerous projects including those that:

  • Reach the most marginalised, such as children living on the streets, disabled young people, those living in extreme poverty and girls
  • Promote second chances after education is disrupted due to such difficulties as conflict, natural disasters and HIV and AIDS
  • Keep learners safe, by focusing on safer educational environments, protecting from threats and encouraging a ‘whole-school’ approach to make them a fulfilling place to learn 
  • Use innovative new ideas that improve quality of teaching and learning

There is, however, more work to be done, as in sub-Saharan Africa 34 million children are not getting an education. This is one of many reasons Comic Relief is committed to continue to fight for change and help young people, with the generous support of the great British public.

How is an after-school skateboarding club and a maths programme helping build a brighter future for two children? Find out more about Liso and Ayanda, two children who have gone back to school.