Global Goal Eight: Decent Work and Economic Growth

A man poses with a piece of furniture
Photo credit: Leonard Cheshire Disability, 2019

This Global Goal promotes sustainable economic growth, full productive employment and decent work for all. 

In Northern Uganda, people with disabilities typically receive very low incomes, struggle to meet their basic needs and are socially and economically excluded from their communities.  

One project has been supporting persons with disabilities to start their own businesses by providing skills training and start-up funds.   Income from their businesses has increased by more than 20% for a third of the people participating in the project.  Through radio talk shows and community events, the project has also contributed to people with disabilities experiencing a reduction in stigma or discrimination from their community, families, and employers.

With your support, in the last ten years, Comic Relief and UK aid have jointly-funded projects that have provided 317,000 people with improved opportunities to enhance their income.