For 2024, Comic Relief proudly presents the funniest Red Noses yet, perfect if you’ve got lots of Noses waiting to Do Something Funny for Money!

There will be four fun characters to collect – as well as a 1 in 166 chance to get your hands on a limited edition Rare ‘Gold’ Nose! The Noses are made from plant-based materials meaning they can be recycled at home and are suitable for children aged 3 and above.

They’re Silly, But Will Make A Serious Difference.

Fun-filled and full of laughter, there is a serious point to our iconic little Red Noses. The money raised from their sale can change people’s lives. It’s that simple. Year after year, our famous Red Noses remind us that even the littlest of things can make a huge difference.

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And get ready to scan the QR code inside your Red Nose box for an extra special surprise!

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RND 24 - Noses Cards

Meet the Red Noses…

Gigglesworth red nose


The fundraising legend who cries with laughter, young Gigglesworth, oozes fun and giggles – but you can’t not love the cuteness!!! Gigglesworth is the cuddliest of the Red Noses, though cuddle them too hard and you might get a bit, er, gooey! Snot good!


Introducing the livewire that is Chortle McChortleface III, but we shortened it as they can barely introduce themselves without losing control! The life and soul of any party is McChortles - laughing so loud in fact, they have been banned from libraries and other quiet places!


This cheeky little wise cracker loves telling gags. In fact, it’s their favourite hobby, alongside tennis and knitting. And when it comes to jokes, they know all the best ones - dad jokes, knock-knock jokes, silly ones, tall tales and good old slapstick, they just so happen to nose them all. Honk!

Lol E Pops

Our sassy, sniffly, snuffly and, at times, very snorty little Red Nose. When they’re not fundraising for us, they be rolling around the floor laughing themselves blue in the face! Either that or getting up to some mischief on your face!

a golden red nose.

The Golden Hooter

Some say it laughed its own face off. Others say that you can see it sparkle from outer space. Whilst some believe it will one day be sold at auction for billions. Yes, the Golden Hooters are sacred, plated in 24 carat gold leaf; there’s a one in just 166 chance of getting one, so if you’re lucky enough, guard it with your….well, your nose!

Red Nose

Family pack

For the first time ever, you can collect all Red Nose characters with our Family pack. You’ll also get your hands on a special Blue Nose character, LOL-E-Pops, who has laughed themselves blue in the face, and only found in our Red Nose Family Pack, how exciting!



Don't let the fun stop by getting your hands on an exclusive range of Red Nose character badges, caps, water bottles and dog bandana’s to really bring the laughter (not sold on Comic Relief Shop) home. A donation from each product sold will go to Comic Relief to help tackle some of the urgent problems faced by people here in the UK and around the world. To find out more about the range, head to


RND24 Noses - Schools CDS

The Red Nose Day Schools pack is back!

This year, teachers can purchase a special schools pack which contains 25 Red Noses, featuring a mix of our characters. Get your Red Noses from Amazon, the official home of the Red Nose, via or by logging into your Amazon Business account.

Suitable for ages 3+

Help on Registering for Amazon Business

Downlod our step by step guide to registering for Amazon Business and buying your Red Nose Day 2024 Schools Pack.


The impact of poverty, conflict and climate change continues to be felt further and wider – and we need your support more than ever.

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Did you know that the 2024 Red Nose can be recycled easily at home? In fact, the Red Nose and the packaging are more recyclable than ever. The Red Noses are made from 70% sugarcane (Bagasse in the UK) and 30% wood pulp, which is moulded together with trace amounts of a food-safe colour dye. The dye also contains no plastics either. The characters are then printed with a UV printer, so there’s also a trace amount of printer ink on the Red Nose. All of the material is plant-based, and therefore fully recyclable.

Even the very special 24k gold-leaf plated ‘Golden Hooter’ can be recycled too. There is also a small amount of PVA glue used to attach the 24k gold leaf to the outside of the Red Nose on the front.

Noses RND 2024 Sustainability (4x3)


Get Reddy for The Red Nose Day comedy club. Each Red Nose comes with a QR code: simply scan it, and it’ll take you to our Joke Generator.

Once there, your Red Nose will be able to reel off joke after joke, to make you smile, laugh and giggle all day long! Like “What do you call the Red Nose that can predict the future? Nostrildamus, obviously!”

Go on, get yourself to the Joke Generator for more - you Nose you want to!

Red Nose Joke Gen

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